Patricia Yuranis, Columbia

WHO: Patricia Yuranis 

WHERE: Cartagena, Columbia

WHAT: $5 From each Lantana piece sold 

Patricia Yuranis is 29 years old and a married entrepreneur who lives in Cartagena. She has vast sewing experience, which she learned from courses she has taken. She began her sewing workshop at home when she was motivated to look for other sources of income for her family. 

In her business, she mainly makes multi-use feminine clothing such as blouses, sweaters, and shirts. Patricia has a lot of experience and she is recognized for the quality of the goods she makes for her clients. She is currently applying for a loan from the Fundación Mario Santo Domingo to invest in the purchase of fabric, closures, thread, ironwork, and an embroidery machine. 

Her goal is to purchase other machines and in the future, hire another employee to increase productivity and improve her income. Help her with her loan so she will be a success!

More about this loan:

This loan is designed for young adults, ages 18 to 25, who are starting up a new business or improving or expanding an existing business. This type of loan is not offered by most other financial institutions in Colombia. Young borrowers are often considered to be too risky because they lack prior credit history or business experience.

About Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (FMSD):

Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (FMSD) is a non-profit organization in northern Colombia dedicated to developing programs for the country’s poorest communities. In addition to numerous social services, FMSD runs a microfinance program to strengthen micro-businesses in the areas where it works. The organization also offers several non-financial components as part of this program, including training to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

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