Sobia, Pakistan

Recipient: Sobia

Country: Pakistan

 Purpose: Purchasing furniture for underprivileged school children

Sobia is a 40-year-old woman who established a school for under-privileged students. There are 106 students enrolled in the school, and 49% of them are female. The aim of the school is to ensure that the students reach their full potential in terms of academics and become better citizens. Currently, the furniture is insufficient. She has requested an amount of 140,000 PKR to purchase furniture for her students.

This loan is part of Kashf Foundation's effort to provide financial and technical support to schools catering to low-income students in urban slums. With this credit, entrepreneurs running low-cost private schools can fund the operations of their schools, pay teachers, afford capital expenditures, and improve infrastructure. By funding this loan, you will help improve the quality of teaching methods, curricula and facilities, and increase enrollment and retention rates at schools in Pakistan's slums.


Kashf Foundation is one of the leading microfinance providers in Pakistan, focused on expanding financial access for poor women across the country. The organization’s economic empowerment program has grown from 913 clients in 1999 to 284,653 clients as of May 2012, with a current outstanding portfolio of US$32 million.

Kashf has trained over 227,000 clients in basic financial literacy and systemized financial education since 2010, in addition to providing training in gender justice and empowerment to over 12,500 participants since 2011. This group includes clients, their husbands and adolescent boys in their communities.

Over the past 16 years, Kashf has disbursed an estimated 2 million loans. Today, it operates in 16 districts in Punjab province and 1 district in Sindh province through a network of 157 branches. It plans to open 19 new branches to cover all four of Pakistan’s provinces.

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