About Us

Our mission is to empower women to choose clothes with maximum social impact and minimum environmental impact.





Solomon Street makes clothes with Impact. we are a slow fashion label with core aims of giving back to the local and international community through a loan scheme funded by the sale of ethically-made and eco friendly (and fun!) garments. All our garments are currently made in Adelaide, in house and by an ethical clothing Australia accredited manufacturer. We hero natural fibres and circular economy synthetics. All prints are hand drawn and created by Lauren. We are a low waste business, meaning that we limit our use of packaging, and encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to do the same. Any packaging we do use (everyone loves a cute parcel!) has to be completely biodegradable or reusable (is always plastic free) and from responsible sources.


Solomon Street was started at the end of 2017 by Textile Designer, Lauren Crago. She started by hand making and selling sketchbooks and cards at local markets in Adelaide. The goal was always to grow into a clothing focussed business and with the support of encouraging customers and the Adelaide eco fashion community we have done just that. Inspired by the new wave of social business, Lauren wanted to create a business that was able to support under-privileged people around the globe, and that filled a gap in the market for accessible and fun eco fashion. She wants to show that Eco Fashion is the only way forward, and that it is viable.

 In little over a year, Solomon Street has gone from a weekend market stall to a thriving eco focussed for purpose business with a Flagship store and Workshop in Adelaide's premier shopping strip, Rundle Mall. The sky is the limit for Solomon Street, with aspirations to expand interstate and overseas in the not too distant future. The driving factor for growth is that the larger Solomon Street gets, the more people they can support. For the For Purpose business, love comes before everything.