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Q: Why aren't your fabrics more traceable?

A: Sourcing traceable fabric is actually really challenging! Up until this point we haven't had the purchasing power to meet printing minimums that allow us to provide our own fabric. This means we have had to use stock fabric provided by our printers, and while they also have a sustainability focus like us, they are only able to provide limited information about their fabrics. As we grow and increase our ability to meet these printing minimums we will be able to use our own fabric and will constantly work to provide you with the most traceability and information we possibly can. 

Q: Can the organic cotton crop be worn as a swim top?

A: It can, however expect the print to fade much faster than if not worn in water. To reduce the fade rinse the garment in cold fresh water immediately after use and line dry inside out. Avoid wearing in pools with chlorine as these chemicals can adversely affect the garment.

Q: How do I know which size to order?

A: See Size Chart

Q: Can I exchange or return my item if it doesn't fit?

A: See Returns and Exchanges

 Q: How do you package your orders?

A: Your Solomon Street products come packaged in tissue paper secured with a paper sticker. We include two recycled paper postcards with information and enclose all of this in a home compostable shipping satchel. we print our shipping labels on recycled paper and secure them to the shipping satchel with biodegradable tape. If you would prefer any or all of this packaging to be reduced or not included, please leave an order note. 

Q: Can you ship overseas?

A: Yes, we can ship internationally to most countries, but as the postage can be quite high we do charge for this.