Garment Care

How do I wash my Solomon Street products? Good question. 

Washing plays a huge part in the environmental footprint of your clothes and can extend the life of your products.
Wash your SOLst products in our compostable cotton bag to reduce any unnecessary damage to the fabric.
Please refrain from using bleach and it is preferred if you only line dry and do not iron, bleach or use softener.  

Taking care of your Solomon Street Hemp garments is really easy!
They are made of the highest quality GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp, the fabric is soft and durable.
Each SOLst purchase comes with a compostable washing bag in which can protect your garments from friction and damage caused from your washing machine.

Here is a useful link on sustainable and ethical washing products
including Soapberries and Laundry Tonic 

For a sustainable zero waste approach to cleaning your SOLst products we have created a basic go to guide on how we would clean our products so you can enjoy them for years to come 

Place your SOLst clothes in your
compostable SOLst wash bag 

Place your soap berries in a
breathable calico bag
(tied nice and tight)  

Add a few drops of
laundry tonic. 
  Find a DIY recipe on your SOLst wash bag 

Place both bags
in your washing machine.
(for a boost, add 1 tbsp
bi-carb soda to your
machine powder drawer)

Start cold wash only
on a gentle machine
wash cycle or hand
wash in cold water 

Air dry your SOLst clothes
inside out in a shady
spot to protect the
print and reduce fading.
Please do not tumble dry