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Have you ever been walking down a road and seen a McDonalds soda cup just lying there in the gutter all covered in grime and thought 'geez McDonalds really should do something about this?! I mean, its their cup after all!'. yeah, so have we.We believe that when we make something, it is our responsibility to design it to have the smallest footprint on the earth, but then to also make sure it is disposed of correctly. Because even if something is labelled home compostable, it can still do a lot of damage if someone accidentally puts it in, say, a REDcycle bin! Particularly here in south Australia, we are very lucky to have a few really good recycling plants within our state, so we know that if we are are recycling plastic or cardboard, that it is going somewhere that is going to do lots of good things with it! Unfortunately we don't yet have a really good textile recycling system.(In fact, we don't have any textile disposal system at all! As op shopping becomes more popular, people are passing on their used clothes for charities to sell and for underprivileged people to have access to. But what about when something really is at the end of its wearable lifecyle?) 


Solomon Street Lifetime Producer Responsibility

We hold ourselves responsible for our product at every stage of its lifecycle.