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A bit 'meh' for the price.
Hi Allyson, Thanks so much for your honest review. I’m so sorry you felt the price does not reflect the quality of the product. I always endeavour to provide products that are accessible in their price-point as I believe everyone should have access to buying ethical and sustainable clothes. This comes as quite a challenge as we pay a premium price for sustainable fabrics and manufacturing in Australia Our choice to use hemp was out of the belief that as a society we need to move forward using natural sustainable fibres, not synthetics. As a natural fibre, hemp has flecks called slubbing, which when digitally printed on do stop a fleck of the printing actually reaching the fabric. This is unfortunate and something we’re working on, but its a result of us using the most sustainable fabric AND printing method. Digital fabric printing is by far the most sustainable as any ink used goes directly on the fabric meaning there is zero runoff and zero waste. You can find all this information on our website under faq’s as we practice radical transparency which means we share every component of our business and products with you guys. We know that nature isnt perfect, it certainly isnt as perfect as man made fabrics, but we have decided to work with what nature provides, rather than working against it. This doesn’t come without flaws, but I believe that this is what makes each piece unique, just like an imperfect sunflower. As for the fit of your leggings, We have worked tirelessly to make sure the leggings are super comfortable to wear. We recommend they be worn for low impact sports such as yoga and pilates as they are Definitely not compression tights, containing only 5% elastane (to reduce microplastics in the wash). Most Compression brands use around 20% elastane for that super tight fit you’re used to. As a size 10 myself, and someone who is tired of the fluctuating sizing of womens fashion, I have made it my goal to provide garments that are size accurate. Please make sure that when purchasing you primarily purchase on your waist and hip measurement (rather than the leg length) as this dictates how form fitting the garment will be. I would like to offer you the option (Shipping on us) of trying our size 8 leggings for fit, If you’re still not 100% happy with your purchase we can provide you with a full refund. I will send you an email to organise the exchange. Kindest regards, Lauren :)
The best leggings!
Very very best yoga pants ever
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Love these!
Comfy and versatile!
ANNIE | Half-Sleeve Tee
An Annie Tee for Annie
ANNIE | Half-Sleeve Tee
Another AMAZING piece of clothing from the glorious Solomon street!