Howdy there!
I'm Lauren, and Solomon Street is
my pride and joy.

Welcome to our Community, I am so pleased to have you here.

Solomon Street exists for you, the people of the planet. We exist to make functional clothes for everyday, that bring colour into your life. They move with your body, wherever you take them. Saving the world can be some pretty hefty work. Why not wear something that not only makes you and everyone around you happy, but actually helps you save the world too! 

I started Solomon Street in 2017 after finishing a Graphic Design degree and developing an interest in Social Businesses. My two passions formed into one and Solomon Street was born. Having grown up with German heritage, Sustainability has always been a part of my life and so was a no-brainer; whatever I was to put into the world would have to only improve it. 

I have always loved observing detail, shapes, colours and patterns in nature. I think plants are incredible and don't get enough credit for how beautiful they make our world. The prints I create for Solomon Street are to show the beauty
of these everyday things and share them with you all!

At Solomon Street we put love before everything; love for our global community, love for our earth, and love for each other. This philosophy directs us everyday to make decisions and improvements that we believe in.

We exclusively use natural fibres and synthetics (where necessary) that fit into a circular economy. We are a low waste business, meaning that we limit our use of packaging, and encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to do the same. Any packaging we do use is completely compostable or reusable (and always plastic free!) and from responsible sources. You can read more about how we reduce our use in our sustainability section.

If your question isn't answered in our FAQ's, would like to chat further about our sustainability efforts, or have an idea how we can further our sustainability efforts, please get in touch via

And remember to find a little bit of colour in your everyday.