Dusk Swim Top
Dusk Swim Top
Dusk Swim Top

Dusk Swim Top

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The Dusk swim top is a non-traditional bikini top, that has been designed to flatter from kiwi-fruits to water-melons. It features a thick waistband that distributes pressure, designed to create a solid anchor (especially for the more voluptuous ladies), from which the fabric over the bust and should can provide the support of the bust. The shoulder straps are extra wide providing distribution of weight over your shoulders, to avoid those pesky bather headaches. the fabric gives sufficient coverage, so you feel comfortable and empowered to pursue even the most active of adventures. 

when designing the fit of the bathers, we wanted to create something that would be comfortable and empowering for all shapes of women to wear. As a result of this, we ask you to be open minded about the sizing, and absolutely urge you to come and try on our samples at our next market, and speak with us about your preferred fit. As the top design does not have 'cups' as such, this allows for flexibility in fitting different size busts.

we offer the following shapes (sizes):

Petit (XS/7)

13cm width over-bust coverage 

Band size 6 - 10

3cm cup dart

3cm wide shoulder strap

Curvy (S/10)

15cm width over-bust coverage

Band size 8-12

3cm cup dart

3cm wide shoulder strap

Luscious (M/12)

17cm width over-bust coverage

Band size 10 - 14

6cm cup dart

4cm wide shoulder strap

Voluptuous (L/16)

20cm width over-bust coverage

Band Size 14 - 18

8.5cm cup dart

4cm wide shoulder strap

Plush (XL/20)

22cm width over-bust coverage

Band Size 18 - 20

10cm cup dart

5cm wide shoulder strap


  • *very* Soft fabric.
  • double layer for reverse wear and no show through.
  • Outer layer: Dusk print is designer exclusively by Solomon Street.
  • Fabric: Vita - composed from recycled fibres.
  • Lining: Dusk has a warm ochre inner layer, which can show on the exterior of the garment.
  • Double lining but no padding. 
  • waistbands reinforced with wide elastic for strong fit
  • Hand made with love in South Australia.
  • Model wears: size luscious brief.
  • Removable care label.