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Organic Leisure Leggings - Foliage
Organic Leisure Leggings - Foliage

Organic Leisure Leggings - Foliage

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Made from misprints, misfits and product we ordered a tad too much of, our Choose What You Pay section leaves it up to you to decide how much you would like to pay for our products. 

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The leisurewear line is made from organic cotton, and printed in melbourne. With a focus on comfort and use-ability, the garments are designed to form and flatter any body shape. All the leisurewear is made in an ethical clothing Australia accredited factory in Adelaide’s north where we frequently meet to discuss designs and processes and really get a feel for the people making our clothes.

The leggings have been shaped to be a soft fit, they are not compression pants. The super high waisted fit allows for extreme comfort, with a gusset that allows for extreme flexibility.

Please note that it is not currently within our capacity to hold any stock, so ALL products are processed as pre-orders. If by chance we do have the garment in your size then you will be notified and your order will be dispatched immediately. Pre-orders can take up to 6 weeks to be made and sent to your door. As is the nature of a repeat print, each piece is completely unique in the placement of the fruit. We believe that size inclusivity is very important, however as a small business it is difficult for us to stock a large amount of product. If you take a size other than what is listed please send a product enquiry through to and we will do our best to accomodate you :)


We accept all our products at any stage of their life. If the garment is still wearable it is passed on to an independent charity focussed op shop. If it requires repairing then the garment is assessed and depending on the work required is repaired for free or at a small cost to the customer. If it is at the end of its wearable life, the garment is disassembled and the parts are recycled or re-used accordingly.