• Activewear Recycling Satchel

Activewear Recycling Satchel

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Recycle your used (and clean!) Activewear, Underwear and Swimwear through us with SCR Group!
essentially: If we sell it, we recycle it!

We believe that we are responsible for the products we make for their entire life. No matter where they are or who owns them, we make sure they are made in a way that means their existence improves the earth and is not a burden to it.

We recycle your clothes through SCR Group, Australia’s largest and most innovative company for the recovery of Australia’s unwanted clothing. Each year, they divert over 18 million kilograms of clothing from landfill and instead find new homes for them, giving them a second life in local and global communities where they are needed most.

  • 70% of what they collect is re-homed in local and global communities
  • 15% is recycled into rags
  • 15% is converted into biofuels

How To

How to use one of our Compostable Recycling Satchels

  1. Order a Compostable Recycling Satchel. We will send it to you.
  2. Fill the satchel with your clothes and seal.
  3. Request a collection date via with the subject line: Recycling Program + "your order number"
  4. please include the following:
    1. your requested collection date (no less than 48hours prior)
    2. Your requested collection location + instructions
    3. (ie. your front porch OR in your letterbox OR i'll be home all day, please knock OR Apartment, Please buzz for collection)
  5. We'll email you your Shipping label. Stick label to satchel.
  6. Place parcel in your requested location the day before your requested collection date. 
  7. have a relaxing tea/coffee knowing you're helping the earth by recycling your clothes responsibly!
  8. ** if you would prefer to organise shipping yourself, or if you live in South Australia and would like to deliver by hand, please email for our delivery/drop-off address**

  9. Click here for more information about our Activewear Recycling Program!