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The Linen Jumpsuit

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Green Lantana
Beige Lantana
Emerald Orchard

    The piece that started it all.. The Original Linen Jumpsuit. 3 years later and we're still getting enquiries, we think the universe is trying to tell us something!

    Its back in business baby 💪🏼

    So far we have seen the Midnight Jumpsuit at Weddings, 21sts, Engagements, 30ths, University Graduations, School graduations, wine tours, and the list goes on! Dress it up with heels and gold jewellery, or dress down with a long sleeve top and cons. Now available in EIGHT different prints for you to choose from. 

    Be the standout of ANY event with this incredibly unique wearable piece of art. You can be sure you'll be the only one in something so unique, sustainable, and comfortable! All Solomon Street prints are custom illustrated and printed in limited runs. 

    Available NOW on pre-order!

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