Scrap Scrunchie

Made from misprints, misfits and product we ordered a tad too much of, our Choose What You Pay section leaves it up to you to decide how much you would like to pay for our products. 

The listed price covers our cost, but doesn't leave much left over to run our business or contribute to our micro lending fund. The more you choose to pay, the more good we can do and the more we can grow! Its up to you what you pay; if you don't have any spare spending money but love what Solomon Street stands for, here is your chance to get a bargain! If you have some extra money and believe in the work Solomon Street is doing, then consider this an opportunity to give us a little boost and be a key player in funding our growth (and receive a cute lil' gift for it too!) The bigger we grow, the more people we can help :)

The Scrap Scrunchie is made from fabric offcuts of our clothing. As a low waste business we try and use every piece of our fabric and not have any waste. our smaller scraps are donated to be recycled into new fabric. We dont have many big offcuts as our manufacturers try and get as many pieces as is possible per M of the fabric, but those we do have, have been made into scrunchies. As we are using all our fabric, they come in an organic cotton jersey, linen and cotton blend, and our swim fabric made from recycled ocean waste!



  • $ 18.00