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Recycling Program

Recycle your used (and clean!) Activewear, Underwear and Swimwear through us with SCR Group!

essentially: If we sell it, we recycle it!



We believe that we are responsible for the products we make for their entire life. No matter where they are or who owns them, we make sure they are made in a way that means their existence improves the earth and is not a burden to it.

We believe in accountability. To you, naturally and also to the world we live in. This is why Solomon Street is committed to doing business responsibly, looking for ways to make a difference wherever we can.

Have you ever been walking down a road and seen a soda cup just lying in the gutter and thought '*insert fast-food brand here* really should do something about this! I mean, it is their cup after all...'

so have we.



Living a completely sustainable life is hard, we know, we find it tricky at times too! One of the hardest parts can be knowing the best way to dispose of products at the end of their useable life. Thats where we come in. 

We recycle your clothes through SCR Group, Australia’s largest and most innovative company for the recovery of Australia’s unwanted clothing. Each year, they divert over 18 million kilograms of clothing from landfill and instead find new homes for them, giving them a second life in local and global communities where they are needed most.

Their business model is based on maximising social and environmental impact. 100% of what they collect from the 1,500 clothing drop-off hubs visited by over 2 million Australians around the country, is diverted from landfill. What can’t be reused, is either turned into rags or converted into an alternate fuel called biofuel. SCRgroup is also researching fibre to fibre recycling options through their global partnerships to offer to their clients and to contribute to an evolving circular economy in Australia.

  • 70% of what they collect is re-homed in local and global communities
  • 15% is recycled into rags
  • 15% is converted into biofuels

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